It's a neat yet powerful open source audio player for Windows
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QuuxPlayer is a neat and lightweight audio player, created to be sleek yet to provide access to all the basic functions and features that one could ever need from such an application.
Since the first look is also very important, I must agree that I liked what I saw the first time I opened this player. It looks like a combination between my favorite audio players: foobar2000, and Windows Media Player. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any interface customization options. Besides swapping between the full window and a compact player, there weren’t other interface configuration settings. This could matter especially to those that can’t stand the default color combination of the main window, but other than that, it’s a rather minor downside that could be easily ignored. The interface is also pretty intuitive and straightforward, therefore even complete beginners should be able to use this audio player without any problem.

Another nice trait brought by this simplistic audio player is the fact that it allows you to listen to the stream of online radio stations in a convenient manner, as it already contains a list with a lot of radio broadcasts, categorized by genres. A basic equalizers, a spectrum analyzer and tools to control the replay gain and the decoder gain are also available. It can support music libraries of thousands of tracks. Furthermore, this nice application is also open source.

To sum it all up, QuuxPlayer is a good choice for anyone interested in a sleek yet potent audio player.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Lightweight and neat.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Open source.
  • Includes a comprehensive radio playing feature.
  • Supports very large music libraries


  • Lacks advanced interface customization options.
  • Lacks additional features such as CD ripping or video playing capabilities
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